Chase and Bank of America Agree to Fix Millions of Credit Reports for People Who Filed for Bankruptcy

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February 20, 2015
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June 9, 2015
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As you may know, our law firm has been fighting with various banks to stop them from ruining our clients’ credit reports after bankruptcy.  I am happy to report the following: Chase and Bank of America will clean the credit reports for millions of people who filed for bankruptcy in the next 90 Days.  Here are the details and how this may affect you:

I. Our Victory In The Fight To Clean Credit Reports

The New York Times said that this victory was a direct result of a “fierce battle over the lawsuits, brought by Charles Juntikka, a bankruptcy lawyer in Manhattan, and George F. Carpinello, a partner with Boies, Schiller & Flexner.”

Because of our lawsuit, at least four million people will have black marks or “charge offs” removed from their credit reports in the next 90 days.  These black marks have caused people to lose jobs, apartments and mortgages.  Each black mark also reduced their credit report scores by 40 points.

The New York Times profiled some of our clients:

“I lost job after job because of this,” Ms. Gatling said, adding that potential employers would suddenly stop calling once they viewed her credit report”  …  “I felt desperate,” Ms. Torres said. “It was urgent that I pay these (bankruptcy discharged) debts or else I would not get the job that I really needed.” But after, at the suggestion of her bankruptcy lawyer, she provided the credit union with a record that she had voided the debts in bankruptcy, she got the job.”

As you may already know, the banks intentionally did this because people did pay the bankruptcy discharged debt to remove it from their credit report so they could qualify for a job or a mortgage.  This essentially destroyed our clients’ bankruptcy “fresh start.”

We are keeping up the pressure on the other banks to also clean the credit reports.  GE Bank has also cleaned up their black marks.  But, Citibank, Wells Fargo and many other banks are still fighting us in Court.

II.  How Does This Affect You

If you filed bankruptcy with our office and have already received your bankruptcy discharge, please call our office and ask for a CREDIT REPORT APPOINTMENT.  This appointment is FREE.  I will also advise you on how to re-build your credit.

Please wait until two (2) months AFTER receiving your bankruptcy discharge in the mail to schedule your CREDIT REPORT APPOINTMENT. If you have already come in for this appointment, it is not necessary for you to come in again.

And, as always, if you know anyone who is in need of our bankruptcy services, please have them call Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP for a free consultation at 212.315.3755.