Use Caution Withdrawing Cash From ATM Machines

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June 9, 2016
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August 5, 2016
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Police departments have reported an uptick in skimming devices on ATMs. Be sure to be wary of some ATM machines, especially those at convenience stores and gas stations.

How The ATM Scam Works

You need cash, so you stop at a convenience store or gas station. You head to the back of the shop and insert your card into the machine. You may not notice anything strange, but scammers have attached a skimmer to the card reader. These devices ‘skim’ your card’s information off the magnetic strip.

Many times, scammers also set up a camera nearby. It’s pointed at the ATM in order to capture the user typing their PIN into the machine. With these two pieces of information, scammers can access and withdraw money from your account.

Protect Yourself From The ATM Scam

  • Use ATMs at banks whenever possible. Bank ATMs are typically more secure than standalone machines.
  • Protect your PIN. Place your hand or a piece of paper over the keypad when entering your number.
  • Look for signs of skimmers. Tape is often used to attach skimming devices. If something looks odd, wiggle it to make sure it doesn’t come loose.


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